Ryu’s Big Circus

Have you heard of Ryu?

Discover his story, the story of a young man from the land of the rising sun.
Journey with this young man who decides to try the adventure of a lifetime by leaving a clear future as a doctor to become a circus artist.
Follow his journey to reach the top of his art with perseverance, patience, self-searching, and love… of art.
Judge for yourself his incredible agility as a juggler – of large size balls! – and also as a crazy inventor….After juggling, Ryu performs on the the Chinese pole and then the unbelievable MIXTURE of the two! Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Ryu surprises you again and again.
And don’t even THINK about staying in your seats for the duration of this show because you will be jumping to your feet when he calls you to intervene and participate in its story. This show, like poutine, mixes combinations to make you savor an unusual slice of life.

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