Duo Loco-Motion

“Duo Loco-Motion” is an outdoor circus show of approximately 30 minutes presented by French Canadian Anouk Vallée-Charest and Japanese Ryunosuke Yamazumi. This live show tells the story of a meeting between 2 friends, mutual help, complicity and beauty. They will bring you smiles, joy, magic and wonder with their circus prowess and visuals. Ryunosuke and Anouk are 2 experienced circus artists who have traveled all over the world to impress audiences. They invite you to meet them to share a magnificent moment supported by a dynamic, cheerful music and colorful costumes. These 2 acrobats will amaze their spectators through juggling (hula-hoop and large size balls), dance, floor acrobatics, aerial silk, aerial hoop and a final Chinese pole.


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Battements de Cirque par Anouk Vallée-Charest

In 1995, Anouk Vallée-Charest made her debut in gymnastics and dance.
Always attracted to the arts and movement, she spent three years at the National Circus School of Montreal where she chose aerial silk as a major and aerial hoop as a second discipline. In 2003 she obtained her D.E.C. in circus arts and set off on an adventure. Since then, she has presented various circus numbers and shows (fixed and flying aerial silk solo, aerial hoop solo, trapeze-dance solo, spanish web, aerial hoop duo, loop silk duo, trapeze duo, hand duo hand to hand, etc.) in shows with Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Éloize, Cirque Fantastic Concept, in casinos, on cruise ships, with equestrian circus companies, contemporary circus companies, traditional circuses, festivals, corporate events and galas. She has given performances across the world: Japan, Singapore, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, England, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Russia, Uruguay, United States and Canada. Since 2002, she has given circus lessons and workshops in groups and private lessons in Montreal and around the world.
Anouk continues to expand her repertoire by constantly creating new numbers and collaborating as a coach, choreographer or artistic director for various circus, theater and large-scale shows, for the creation of new numbers. circus, or for short forms of shows.
Since 2014, Anouk has founded her company ”Battement de Cirque” which has produced several shows in Canada, Japan, Singapore and Mexico. As for Anouk, wait until you see her on stage, she will dazzle you. A real dive into his world which combines strength, quality of movement, grace and poetry.


Ryunosuke Yamazumi
Ryunosuke, an extraordinary Japanese circus artist who is specialised in big ball juggling, chinese pole and LED show.
He took an immediate shine as a juggler from a young age. Ryunosuke had a highly successful juggling career from a young age that is shown by winning a Silver Medal at Japan Otedama Championship and a Gold Medal at MJF Junior competition. Fascinated by circus, he began to study all performance-related arts. Later Ryunosuke, as the first Japanese man, got into Quebec Circus School where he created his ingenious Big Ball Juggling act, Chinese pole act and LED show.
Ryunosuke has been performing his sensational acts for galas, circus companies – such as Cirque du Soleil, Cirque Eloize, Cirqovation and Boston Circus Guild – and variety of festivals of all over the world : in Canada, Germany, UK, USA, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, Belgium, Africa, Malaysia and Japan. He won the First Prize in Extreme Talents 2009 in Quebec, the Second Place in the TV show Zoink’d in Canada and Jury’s Special Prize at Izhevsk International Circus Festival and Circus Idol 2016 in Russia. His act was also selected for the Semi-Final in The Next Big Thing in UK. Ryunosuke continues to leave his audience of all ages roaring.